Welcome to Sky Island Photography! We are a small group of Professional Photographers who believe that photographers don’t just take photographs, we create them. Skilled, educated, and dedicated to the art of photography, client satisfaction is our priority. Capable of delivering you outstanding professional results for your special event or project, our photographers come to you.  Our images capture the very emotional essence of the moment. Our expertise will leave you free to participate and be a part of the photographic memories with your family and friends. We are a very discrete and diverse group of photographers, a public project or a quiet honeymoon for two.


No matter the venue or customer, we always secure all of our images and digital downloads with the latest security techniques. To ensure your images will only end up in the places you want them. The photos on this website are an example of the kind of high quality images that we produce for our clients on the daily basis.

John Heyward


As founder and creator of Sky Island Photography, John Heyward is one of the leading professional photographer of our generation. His professional freelance photographic journey began in Baltimore, Maryland, as a child during the early 1980’s. His early childhood experiences were the catalyst that ignited his passion for photography.

He is currently based in Baltimore, MD where he works as a full time freelance photographer, lecturer, Author and motivational speaker. Technological advances in photography inspired John to further his education in photography in order to encourage his unique vision and elegant photography style. After continuing his education Heyward’s aesthetic prowess has provided him the platform to share his lifelong knowledge of photography.

John Has authored two books and is working on a third. He continues to be an asset to the photography community. By sharing his knowledge of photography with all who will lend a listening ear and has an interest in Photography.

John has received many awards and accolades for his ability to produce high quality photographs and campaigns. He aims to capture beauty and emotion in the moment. John continues to utilize his membership with the Professional Photographers of America as a platform to share his lifelong zeal for photography with those who share his thirst for memories through imagery.